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Relationship Coach - Best Relationship Coaching for Couples in 2023

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Gone are the days where our cultural fabric is filled with positive relationship role models and mentors. Instead, we see many poor marriages coupled with high divorce rates. Further, most people enter marriage with little to no training on how to cultivate a satisfying relationship. Couples are lost with no direction. The solution is relationship coaching.

How do I start relationship coaching? 

1-Make your selection of our three relationship coaching packages below. Each session is 45 minutes long. If you sign up for three sessions you'll receive 10% off. If you sign up for six sessions you'll receive 20% off. Couples can purchase our discounted packages only once as a special intro rate. After the package sessions are complete couples will be charged the usual $100/session rate thereafter.

One Session

Three Sessions (10% Off)

Six Sessions (20% Off)

2-We will receive notification of your purchase. 

3-One of our qualified coaches will email you within 24 hours to schedule the first appointment. Check your spam folder in case it goes there.

What is a relationship coach?

A relationship coach is someone trained in specific tools and skills to build successful relationships. They work with couples to help them resolve resentments and build intimacy on all levels, including emotional, sexual, and financial.

4 benefits to working with a relationship coach


1-To Get Unstuck

It's easy to get stuck in marriage. Most couples develop vicious cycles because of competing needs. For example, partner A struggles providing emotional intimacy because there's not enough sexual contact. In contrast, partner B struggles providing sexual contact because there's not enough emotional intimacy. Vicious cycle. Who gives in first? These types of patterns and many others turn into frustrating cycles and couples often need help to move forward, which a relationship coach can provide.


2-To Get Support

It's easy to become isolated, especially with the challenges couples face in their romantic relationship. Most couples don't have others to turn to for constructive advice. Also, people usually don't want to vent about their marriage to friends or family for fear of it turning them against their partner. Therefore, many couples are isolated with their problems with no one to speak to. A relationship coach can break the isolation by giving you a safe and confidential place to process through all of your challenges and questions about your relationship.


3-To Get Trained

Most people go through hundreds of hours of training on how to be successful in their career, including college classes, certifications, and continuing education. In contrast, most people receive little to no training on how to become successful in their marriage. No wonder romantic relationships can be so difficult, we haven't been properly trained! All couples need tools to be successful in their marriage and a relationship coach can provide them, such as tools on how to effectively resolve conflict, cultivate emotional intimacy, and share power on decision making. 

4-To Get Hope

When couples move into winter season in their relationship it's easy to lose hope. Winter is when needs aren't met and there's a lot of unresolved conflict and resentment. During these difficult times is when couples need help and support to see that progress is possible. Often, reading books or listening to podcasts isn't enough to move couples from winter to spring. However, a relationship coach can make all the difference by helping couples work through resentments and fall back in

What happens in relationship coaching? 


Common areas addressed in coaching include infidelity, resentments, conflict resolution, parenting, finances, emotional intimacy, sexual intimacy, uneven workload, sharing power, and in laws.

Phase One- All appointments are virtual for convenience. For the first session, the coach will meet with each partner individually for 15 minutes to hear their backstory. Then, the remaining 15 minutes will be spent consolidating the couple's top areas of resentments. Subsequent sessions in phase one will be spent working through each resentment because nothing goes well in a relationship when there are active resentments. 

Phase Two- Once all resentments have been addressed, couples will be trained on the top tools required to build a successful relationship. For example, the tools will teach couples how to have effective conflict resolution, emotional intimacy, teamwork, and sexual intimacy.

Phase Three- The last phase of coaching will train couples on how to fall back in love and stay in love. This is where all the lessons learned from phase one and two are integrated and maintained into the future. 

*Most couples need around 6 months of weekly coaching sessions to successfully work through all 3 phases. However, depending on the motivation of the couple it could be shorter or longer.


What training do the relationship coaches receive?


All my master coaches have been through my ICF accredited relationship coach certification program. The ICF (International Coaching Federation) is the governing body for the coaching industry worldwide. They are also in weekly supervision with me for ongoing support to maximize quality of care. They are masters in helping couples resolve resentments and rebuild their love. 

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